Medrecs Solutions

Record Retrieval

Records by Authorization

MEDRECS obtains records by stipulation/authorization, directly reducing administrative costs. We work within a 25-day turnaround on record retrieval services including x-rays and/or pathology material, copies of medical bills, as well as payroll and employment records. At the direction of your firm, MEDRECS will prepare the stipulation, forward to plaintiff’s counsel for the necessary signatures and handle all the follow-up efforts to secure the completed stipulation.

Upon receipt of the signed stipulation/authorization, MEDRECS will process each order promptly by serving a copy of the release, together with a declaration of custodian of records to each facility no later than the next business day of receipt of your order.

Subpoena Preparation and Service

MEDRECS obtains records by various types of subpoenas. This service includes subpoena preparation, subpoena service, and notice to opposing counsel. Once the subpoena is served, the custodian is to make the records available by the date shown on the subpoena. If the location makes the copies themselves and they are released prior to the subpoena date, they are held at our office until the date listed on the subpoena. Once the custodian has the records ready, they must sign a declaration attesting to the record authenticity.

Records Available through MEDRECS

Medical Literature Article Bank Records
Medical Records Employment Records
ARPERSCOM Insurance PIP Files
On-site scanning projects Longshore Claims
Educational Transcripts Pathology Materials and Reports
Patient Accounts/Billing Records Pharmaceutical Histories
X-Rays- positive and negative Provider Research
Social Security Disability State Labor & Industry Claims
Employment Security State Patrol Accident Reports
Court Files/Court File Search Tax Records
National Personnel Records Union Activity Records
Social Security Earnings Workers Compensation Claims