Medrecs Solutions

Record Processing

Page Numbering/Bates Stamping

MEDRECS will page-number all medical records produced for its clients. MEDRECS also offers alpha-numeric page-labeling. The standard page label consists of a lettered prefix followed by the page number. The prefix may be an abbreviation for each individual facility or for the patient’s initials for a specific case. This allows for quick reference while reviewing records from multiple providers.

Organizing and Tabbing

MEDRECS will sort and tabulate the medical records according to the record type (type of treatment, history, correspondence, progress notes, nurses’ notes, pharmacy, labs, emergency room, etc.). Records are organized and divided into tabbed sections for easy reference.

Chrono Sorting

MEDRECS will sort the medical records by date of treatment providing the client with a sequentially ordered history of patient activity.


MEDRECS scans all retrieved records to our secure server to ensure that additional records can be made available for opposing counsel, follow up requests, experts, etc. Records are archived for 5 years after being made digital. MEDRECS utilizes high resolution scanning equipment to produce a crystal clear duplicate image. All documents pass through our Quality Assurance (QA) department to verify 100% accuracy and assure HIPAA compliance and confidentiality.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)/Searchable Text

OCR capabilities enable the user to easily search a scanned image (typically a .pdf) by name, date, keyword, or phrase, allowing for rapid discovery of desired information. Adobe Acrobat Reader may be used to search through an OCR document provided by MEDRECS. This greatly reduces the time it takes to search through records and prepare record summaries.

Electronic Delivery

MEDRECS offers online delivery of medical records via secure website. Once the records have been scanned, processed and Quality Assured, MEDRECS will upload the digital records to a secure website and notify the client via email that the records are available. The client creates a username and password in order to access the requested records. The client may then choose to download the records and save them on their computer or print the records directly from the site. The records remain on the secure website for 30 days, during which time they may be downloaded or printed as the client prefers. The electronic delivery option is faster and more cost-effective than conventional mail or courier services.

CD Creation

MEDRECS can convert hard copy records into digital images for storage on CD or DVD. This is a wonderful space saving alternative to large volumes of paper records. MEDRECS can save current cases and/or stacks of paper records from old cases on 1 CD/DVD for easy organization and accessibility. MEDRECS can also convert X-Rays into digital images and save them on CD for easy viewing and transfer on your computer.

Medical Records Summaries

Medrecs provides a full chronology of all medical records with a narrative summary to give you a complete, clear and concise medical history of each medical provider. Our medical record summaries save you time in preparing medical records for review. MEDRECS provides document summaries quickly, accurately and inexpensively so you can focus on your core business.


MEDRECS will obtain the declaration of the custodian of medical records. This is a signed and dated document that certifies that the complete set of patient records was released to MEDRECS. If no records are available for the requested dates of service, the custodian will certify there are no records.