Medrecs Solutions

Thank You for your interest in MEDRECS. MEDRECS is the most trusted expert for records retrieval and subpoena services in the State of California.  Why do so many California firms turn to MEDRECS to handle their subpoena and document retrieval needs?

  • Speed-
    • Speed is our top priority.  We understand how critical it is for law firms to get their documents on time.  For this reason MEDRECS has worked hard to gain the fastest turn-around time in the industry.  While other services may allow your subpoenas to go unanswered for months, MEDRECS holds facilities accountable to the strict deadlines outlined in each subpoena.
  • Accuracy-
    • MEDRECS takes measures to ensure that you receive a complete and accurate set of records which includes all material requested.  Our QA process ensures the appropriate dates of treatment are included in the record set, as well as specifically requested information, whether it is digital color photos, ultrasounds, lab reports, surgery notes, etc.  We also always obtain a declaration from the custodian of records, which certifies and attests to the accuracy and completeness of records.
  • Knowledge-
    • MEDRECS has perfected its expertise in the area of records retrieval since its inception in 1979.  We routinely serve subpoenas in all jurisdictions throughout the State of California and we handle all aspects of the subpoena process:  notice to consumer, subpoena for the production of business records, attachment 3, subpoena service, proofs of service, and declaration/certification.
    • MEDRECS has thorough knowledge of both state and federal laws so you can be assured your records are obtained in a manner that meets all discovery requirements.  MEDRECS also obtains records via authorization and we maintain an updated list of facility specific authorizations, such as Kaiser Permanente, on our Resources page.
  • Price-
    • MEDRECS is committed to fair pricing.  We understand the importance of keeping litigation costs down and the ability to forecast the costs of retrieval.  For this reason, MEDRECS offers a basic and easy to understand fee schedule that allows the law firm to anticipate the costs of retrieval.  We won’t nickel and dime you with extraneous charges, which has become standard practice for some services.  To request an estimate for services please click the button in the upper left.

Record Retrieval Services offered in California:

  • Subpoena preparation and process service
    • Notice to consumer
    • Subpoena for Production of Records
    • Proof of Service
    • Attachment 3
    • Declaration/Certification/Affidavit of Records
  • Record Retrieval via HIPAA compliant Authorization
  • On-Site copying of records
  • Travel and subpoena service in all jurisdictions
  • Digital Records via MEDRECS Online
    • Online storage and management of records on the MEDRECS Repository
    • Organized and e-indexed records by request
    • Medical records and summaries and chronologies
    • Bates number and OCR of electronic records
    • Digital X-rays and digital conversion