About Us

In October 1979, a young trial lawyer sat with his friend over lunch discussing a tedious part of his job, medical record retrieval. The entire task seemed more difficult and time intensive than he had originally anticipated. His friend, Forrest Allard, rationalized that while the attorney's staff was spending much of their valuable time performing this task, it seemed reasonable that with the right authorization anyone could collect records.

Forrest set to work researching the laws and discovered that these very types of services had already spawned a niche industry in California. Yet, there was no service of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. Forrest began contacting local trial lawyers, defense attorneys, and claims adjusters to gather their input. What he received was an overwhelming positive response. Indeed, many saw the relief this type of service would bring to their staff.

Once up and running, Forrest wore all the hats. He found himself at medical facilities picking up records, delivering processed information to his new clients, and posting each check received. His one-man show soon found a home outside of his kitchen in Seattle's Historic Pioneer Square District and the first employees were hired.

What happened next is what gives MEDRECS its advantage over other litigation support services. While out collecting records, Forrest spoke with many medical providers that did not have enough time in the day to copy their records. The answer was just as clear for the medical providers as it was for his legal clients. Equipped with a portable photocopier, Forrest was soon at many Seattle area facilities copying the records he had requested. Soon, he wasn't just copying the records he needed, but also those requested from others. Adding the Medical Accounts Division gave MEDRECS more control of document production and quality.

In 1985, well on its way to serving the local community, MEDRECS partnered with the Washington Asbestos Defense Association (WADA) to act as its records collection and retention vendor for the exploding complex case litigation. Since that time, Medrecs has worked on large case litigation for Dalkon Shield, Hanford Downwinders, Alaskan Airlines, Motorola Ground Water Contamination, OK Boys Ranch, United Parcel Systems, and many others.

Today, MEDRECS has partnered with national affiliates to provide the most comprehensive litigation support service available to the Northwest's legal and insurance communities. Supported by its Medical Accounts Division of over 200 area medical providers and community hospitals, MEDRECS is able to maintain efficient production and continue high quality, while keeping costs low.

Over the past 30 years, MEDRECS has systematically introduced the broadest array of litigation support services in the industry. Additionally, our firm commitment to customer service permits MEDRECS to build and maintain long lasting relationships within the medical, legal and insurance industries. We have demonstrated the competence to perform our services in a professional, ethical and timely manner.

As technology grows, MEDRECS will continue to introduce new services to the legal and insurance industries. As a subscriber you can now submit requests on-line, gain access to real-time status, and receive records electronically.